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Kolašin info - Short Travel Guide

Kolašin situates at 950 m above sea level, in the middle part of Montenegro, surrounded with big mountain massives of Bjelasica, Sinjavina and Komovi, together with the National Park Biogradska Gora, one out of two Europe's primeval forests, hiding also the beautiful Lake Biograd. Favourable geographical position and untouched nature makes this town an ideal ''air spa'', suitable for holidays, relaxing and sports. Beautiful mountain river Tara flows through Kolašin, and Kroz njega protiče planinska ljepotica rijeka Tara, and another beautiful mountain river Morača has it's spring in the nearby, making the way to the famous Platije canyon.

 Montenegro is unique in world tourism, having so many natural attractions on so small piece of land:

  • beautiful warm Mediterranian beaches;
  • beautiful canyons (Tara, Morača, Mrtvica, Komarnica),
  • glacier lakes (''Mountain Eyes'');
  • beautiful mountains with over 2000 m high peaks, from tame to wilderness.

Kolašin lays in the middle of Montenegro, in upper flow of Tara and Morača rivers, between beautiful mountains. Climbers and tourists are attracted by numerous mountain peaks - Jablanov vrh (2203 m) on Sinjavina, Troglava (2075 m) on Bjelasica, Komovi (2484 m), etc. , where they can reach going through many footpaths. Kolašin is an excellent place for skiing and other winter sports, with it's snow-rich winters and beautiful ski slopes up in surrounding mountains, especially in Bjelasica.

Kolašin is connected with the world by the Adriatic road and Beograd-Bar railroad.

Nearby you can find also the Morača Monastery, precious medieval monument, with it's famous frescas.

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